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The Royal Banquet is the main fundraiser for Royal Family Kids Camp Tampa Bay.  Our goal in 2018 is to provide a free week of camp for over 60 kids that come from foster care, group homes and kinship care.  The cost to run this overnight camp for a week is $50,000, and we need your support to help us provide this amazing week for the kids. The volunteer staff thanks you for your support! 




It’s Not Over!

We hope you and your family had a great Christmas!  Throughout this holiday season, we asked you to Give the Gift of Camp to a Foster Kid.  Our goal is to send 64 kids to camp.  Kids like Julie who has bounced around to 6 different foster homes in the last 2 years.  Your donation gives the gift of hope.  Hope for a week where she is shown unconditional love and is treated like Royalty.

Matt Oleson Portrait_Fotor


It is not too late to Give the Gift of Camp to a Foster Kid.  As you are considering your year end giving, please keep kids like Julie in mind.  When you give, your name will be added to an ornament on our tree.  This tree will be displayed at our camp in July.


Thank you for your support and Happy New Year!



Revolution Ice Cream Socials

Photo Nov 18, 4 52 33 PMRoyal Family Kids Camp invites you to either of the  Revolution Ice Cream locations this weekend.  Learn about our camp and enjoy the best ice cream in Tampa Bay.  Take a picture in front of our tree and post it to Facebook and Instagram.

Donations will be accepted to help send foster kids to camp.  This Christmas, Give the Gift of Camp!

Times and Locations

Saturday (16th) at 8 p.m. or Sunday (17th) at 2 p.m.

Tampa: 6701 N Florida Ave. 

Brandon: 220 W Brandon Blvd.



This Christmas, Give the Gift of Camp (update)

Matt Oleson Portrait_FotorClick on Matthew’s picture to watch our latest update.  Matthew and his wife Kacy have been foster parents for several years.  They have seen how difficult it can be for kids in the foster care system.  Many of these kids are moved from house to house which causes even more trauma for them.  At Royal Family Kids Camp, we give kids the gift of hope.  So many of our campers that went to our camp last year said it was the best time they have ever had.

A huge reason our camp can exist is due to over 100 volunteers.  All of us at Royal Family Kids Camp are 100% volunteers.  We depend on the generous giving of individuals like you to give these kids a life changing week of camp.  No child pays to attend our camp.

Will you consider donating a day of camp to a child that has experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment?

Visit our This Christmas, Give the Gift of Camp website.  Any donation will be much appreciated and will help send kids to our camp.


Revolution Ice Cream Supports Royal Family Kids Camp!

Photo Nov 18, 4 52 33 PMPlease stop by and enjoy some of the amazing flavors at Revolution Ice Cream’s two locations.  Both locations have generously donated space for our camp to put up Christmas trees to help Give the Gift of Camp to a Foster Child.  Revolution’s two locations are:

6701 N. Florida Ave. in Tampa 

220 W. Brandon Blvd. in Brandon

Grab your ice cream and take a picture in front of the tree.  Post your picture on Facebook using @RFKTampa in your post.  You can also text your picture to (813) 586-1505.

Donations can also be given at www.grouprev.com/RFKChristmas


Give the Gift of Camp This Christmas!

Ornament 2Give a free week of camp to a child that has experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment.  Help us fill our Royal Family Christmas Tree and give the gift of camp.  Each ornament represents a week of camp, a day of camp, or a day of meals for a child.

$600 Gift for a week of camp

$100 Gift for a day of camp

$20 Gift for a day of meals

Any donation amount will be most appreciated!   Click HERE to visit our donation page.


The need for Foster Parents is tremendous!

Just to give you an idea, today alone there are 11 children in Hillsborough County waiting for foster placement, and there are zero open spots for them.  West Florida Foster Care Services has made it easy to find out more about what it takes to be a foster family.   They are hosting 7 different orientation information sessions over the next 2 months where you can come in and ask as many questions as you want.   Click on their banner below to check out the times and dates:



Day 5: Last Day


Boys Cabin 1, also known as Warriors for God, spent some time in prayer knowing that it wouldn’t be an easy day at the end.  The week flew by for all of us!  The highlight of the day was when the campers returned to Bay Life.  They sang the songs they learned along with the motions on stage to their caregivers.  We also got a preview of our camp video.  The final version will be out in the next couple of weeks.

Overall, it was a privilege for all of us to serve the campers throughout the week.  We are praying for health and safety for the campers, and we will see them next year!


Day 4: Talent Show

2017 Heart PicturesThe skies cleared, and as you can see, we were able to take a great shot of our campers, counselors and staff.  This picture is the perfect representation of our camp. We had almost 60 counselors and staff that surrounded our campers with God’s unconditional love throughout the week.  Through the fun times and the difficult times, our team united together to give the campers a life-changing week.

Our day ended with an amazing talent show. Acts included singing, dancing,  making paper airplanes, and, believe it or not, synchronized swimming.  The campers loved  every minute of it.



Day Two: The Petting Zoo

LakeOur theme for Day 2 was God’s Grace is sufficient.  We made it through because of an unbelievable group of counselors.  It was a late night for many!  The highlight of day was a petting zoo.  The kids loved the chickens, goats, sheep, ducks, and bunnies.  We even got some great fishing and canoeing in during a break in the weather.

SOTO: We had one child that just didn’t like how the day turned out.  Due to some of the changes that had to be made, he didn’t get to go fishing.  This was a major problem for him.  However, after a long talk with our therapist Kris, he did say that this was still a great day because he got to do a lot of great things that he never tried before like petting a chicken.

Petting Zoo


Countdown: Two Days to Camp

Tomorrow, our 60 counselors and staff will be heading out to camp to get thing ready for the campers to arrive on Monday!  Everyone is so excited to kick things off.  We know God will provide us with a great week of fun for the kids.  Please pray for good weather, good health for counselors and kids, and for God to touch each and everyone of the kids to let them know they are loved!  We will be posting every day on Facebook, so make sure you are checking in on us.RFK Bus


Less than 2 weeks to go!!!!


On June 5th, 49 kids will be arriving at camp.  These kids who have previously experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment will experience a life changing week of hope and unconditional love.

There are 3 ways you can still get involved:

  1. Donate a day or week of camp for a child.  Click Here
  2. Donate Supplies.  Buy on Amazon or pick up at a local store and drop off at Bay Life Church, Thrivent Financial in Brandon or REMAX in FishHawk.  Click Here to see the camp’s wish list.
  3. Donate your time.  We need volunteers who are willing to give a couple of hours at the camp.  Take a look at the Volunteer Opportunities.

Thank you for supporting the kids!


A Week of Memories . . .

Alex’s mom lost custody of him due to a drug overdose403_week_of_memories_1024x1024

Angela had been sexually abused, beaten & nearly starved to death.

Samantha was stuffed in a tiny dog kennel to sleep each night.

Rebekah was separated from her 4 other siblings
and bounced from 12 different foster and group homes over 6 years.

These are just four out of the thousands of real life situations of kids that we serve at Royal Family Kids Camp.  Our local camp was created to change the lives of 50 children that have been abused, neglected and abandoned.

We need your help to make this camp a reality!  Our camp is one month away, and we still need to raise a minimum of $5,000 to provide these kids with a week that will provide hope.  Each child attends our camp for free, and every camp counselor and staff member volunteer a week to give back to these kids.

Will you consider giving back to these kids and donate $25?  It takes 2 minutes to click on the link below and donate:

Royal Family Kids Tampa Bay’s Donation Page

Thank you for donating.  It will change lives.  Just like Alex who served in Iraq and is now a police officer.  Just like Angela who graduated from cosmetology school.  Just like Samantha who graduates from college this month and will be a math teacher.  Just like Rebekah who graduated college with a Theater and Communications degree and has served as a camp counselor at Royal Family Kids Camp.



Helping Kids Like Samantha

Samantha was one of the statistics – one of the 3+ million kids who are abused every year.  However, Samantha was one of the worst cases ever seen.  It took someone to make a difference – someone who noticed and took action.  

Samantha's StoryYou can make a difference for kids like Samantha.  You can provide hope and support.  For kids who have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment, Royal Family Kids Camp Tampa Bay provides a week of life changing experiences.  How can one week make a difference?  Take 5 minutes to see how it changed Samantha’s life (Click on her picture).

How can you take action to help those who have been abused?  One of two ways:

  1. Attend our Top Golf Event on Tuesday, April 25th.  You can attend as a golfer, or you can just come and eat dinner.  REGISTER HERE.
  2. Donate towards a day or a week of camp for a child.  Visit our website to learn more.  TampaKidsCamp.org 

Make a difference in a child’s life today!


Confronting Abuse, Changing Lives

image001 (2) April is National Child Abuse Prevention month, and for Royal Family Kids, “Confronting Abuse, Changing Lives” is more than a slogan.  It is a passion for over 10,000 volunteers each year in 200 camps across the country.  You can change lives and help kids right here in the Tampa area by attending our TOP GOLF event.  Click the registration link below for more information about the event. You don’t necessarily have to golf to support the kids, but where’s the fun in that?  As long as you can swing a club, you can join us.  Royal Family Kids Tampa Bay is very excited to host our first year of camp this June, but we still need your help. The camp is at no cost for kids who have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment.  We are looking to raise the funds necessary to give these kids the experience a lifetime – a week that provides hope and encouragement as they grow up knowing there are many who love them.

Top Golf Information & Registration



Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention monthDid you know there are over 3 million children that are abused every year?  These cases of abuse are the ones that are actually reported.  Many more kids than this are suffering through abuse. April is Child Abuse Prevention month.  You can make a difference by joining us on April 25th for a cause that is directly confronting abuse and neglect: Royal Family Kids Camp Tampa Bay. RFKCTB is having its annual fundraiser at Top Golf on April 25th from 5:30 to 9.  Proceeds go towards an amazing, life-changing week of camp for kids that have experienced abuse and neglect.  Individual golfers are $80, and corporate sponsorship are still available.  Download our brochure or click on Upcoming Events to register. Your support will bring hope and encouragement to these kids that have experienced abuse and neglect.



RFK NEWS: Osprey Observer Article

osprey-observerSadly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that more than 3.6 million referrals of child abuse and neglect are reported annually to child protective agencies. In an effort to reverse the negative effects of abuse, Scott Mulhollen of Lithia is launching a Royal Family KIDS Camp in Tampa Bay. The camp’s mission is to provide a week of life-changing memories for children ages 6 to 12 that have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment. The faith-based camp will operate from Sunday, June 4 through Sunday, June 9.

For 20 years, Scott and Kris Mulhollen have been a powerful voice for abused children as foster parents and founders of the Modern Orphans Ministry at Bay Life Church in Brandon. Still, the couple dreamt of opening and operating a one-week camp for foster kids. Scott said, “It seemed like a daunting task, but literally two weeks after announcing that we were going to start the process of doing the camp, a visitor at our church approached us. She said (Click to read more) 


November is National Adoption Month

Every child that attends a Royal Family Kids Camp has unfortunately experienced neglect, abuse or abandonment.  However, these kids can experience a week of unconditional love and allen-familyhope at over 180 camps across the country.  We have even seen kids adopted that have attended camp.  To the left, you will see the Allan family.  Jesse and Sarah have served multiple years as camp counselors at the Ocala, Florida location.  Just this past year, they adopted three kids that were campers at their camp.  There isn’t a better example of unconditional love than providing a permanent home to 3 wonderful kids!!!

November is National Adoption Month.  So many communities across the country are highlighting ways you can help support Modern Orphans – those kids who no longer have a permanent place to call home.  Please connect with your local Royal Family Kids location, and they can point you to places to support and volunteer this month.  For a list of camps – go to http://rfk.org/locations/#state.


YOU can rewrite their story


Birthdays are times to celebrate the people that we love. We all have have fond memories of birthdays and of that being our special day, but what if no one ever celebrated your birthday? What if no one acknowledged the unique and beautiful person that God created you to be?

In the United States, there are over 500,000 children in foster care. Many of these kids never have a birthday party.  Imagine if you grew up in a system where you may never have celebrated a birthday. This is reality for thousands of children.

However, you can REWRITE THEIR STORY.

During the week of Royal Family Kids Camp, every kid celebrates their birthday!  It is a birthday bash like none other! We can’t do this without your help.  Not only do the kids celebrate their birthday, they have life-changing moments that can rewrite their story.  We need volunteers, donations, and most of all, we need your prayers.

Please take a moment to watch this short video that talks more about the challenges the children face. We do need you. Please consider a private scholarship, or a corporate level sponsor to Royal Family Kids Camp Tampa Bay today, but more importantly, we need you to help us come alongside these young people who need love and guidance like never before. Rewrite their story now, watch more here





July Camp News

This month, Kris and Scott Mulhollen and Megan Jetter were blessed to attend director’s training in Dallas. We were able to witness how much one week can change children’s lives.

One story that will stay with us is about little Sarah. The first night there, the kids were getting ready for bed. When her camp counselor, Eva, tried to get her in bed, Sarah started screaming, “No, he will get me!” over and over again. Eva finally calmed her down after several minutes of screaming. Eva’s promise to Sarah was that she was very safe and there was no way anyone was going to get her. Eva said that she was sleeping in the lower bunk below Sarah, and that she would protect her. Sarah came to camp waking up every night with night terrors. At this week of camp, she slept through the night every night because she knew Eva was there.

Royal Family Kids Camp only lasts a week, but it can completely change a child’s life. Can you help us change kid’s lives in the Tampa area?  Click on the Support and Sponsor tab above and sponsor a week of camp for a child.

We also need camp counselors.  We will need over 50 adults who would be willing to pour a week of their lives into these abused and neglected kids.  Not only will these kids discover true unconditional love, your life will be forever changed as well.  Click on the Volunteer tab above and discover what it takes to be a camp counselor.

Finally, please pray for the many camps that are going on this summer across the world.  Royal Family Kids has over 200 camps serving thousands of children.  We are so excited to be joining their mission next year.  We need your prayer for our Tampa kids that will be attending.  We look forward to making a difference in the lives of children just like Sarah.

For the Kids,

Scott Mulhollen