July Camp News

This month, Kris and Scott Mulhollen and Megan Jetter were blessed to attend director’s training in Dallas. We were able to witness how much one week can change children’s lives.

One story that will stay with us is about little Sarah. The first night there, the kids were getting ready for bed. When her camp counselor, Eva, tried to get her in bed, Sarah started screaming, “No, he will get me!” over and over again. Eva finally calmed her down after several minutes of screaming. Eva’s promise to Sarah was that she was very safe and there was no way anyone was going to get her. Eva said that she was sleeping in the lower bunk below Sarah, and that she would protect her. Sarah came to camp waking up every night with night terrors. At this week of camp, she slept through the night every night because she knew Eva was there.

Royal Family Kids Camp only lasts a week, but it can completely change a child’s life. Can you help us change kid’s lives in the Tampa area?  Click on the Support and Sponsor tab above and sponsor a week of camp for a child.

We also need camp counselors.  We will need over 50 adults who would be willing to pour a week of their lives into these abused and neglected kids.  Not only will these kids discover true unconditional love, your life will be forever changed as well.  Click on the Volunteer tab above and discover what it takes to be a camp counselor.

Finally, please pray for the many camps that are going on this summer across the world.  Royal Family Kids has over 200 camps serving thousands of children.  We are so excited to be joining their mission next year.  We need your prayer for our Tampa kids that will be attending.  We look forward to making a difference in the lives of children just like Sarah.

For the Kids,

Scott Mulhollen


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