A Vacation with a Purpose

Foster kids are taken from their home for no fault of their own.  Sometimes they show up at a foster family’s home with just the clothes on their back.  While the kids have been placed in a much safer environment, it is no vacation.  This is why Royal Family Kids Camp is so important to kids 6-12.  They get a week of camp where they are treated like royalty.  There are so many stories of how much this one week can completely change a kid’s life.

For our new camp in Tampa, we need 50 counselors.  Can you give up one week of vacation to be a counselor?  Fill out our VOLUNTEER FORM to find out more.  Not only does this week change the kid’s lives, there are hundreds of stories of how this one week changes the lives of the counselors that attend.  You can help make a difference in just one child’s life.  Find out more by watching this short video:

Royal Family KIDS Seeds of Change