A Week of Memories . . .

Alex’s mom lost custody of him due to a drug overdose403_week_of_memories_1024x1024

Angela had been sexually abused, beaten & nearly starved to death.

Samantha was stuffed in a tiny dog kennel to sleep each night.

Rebekah was separated from her 4 other siblings
and bounced from 12 different foster and group homes over 6 years.

These are just four out of the thousands of real life situations of kids that we serve at Royal Family Kids Camp.  Our local camp was created to change the lives of 50 children that have been abused, neglected and abandoned.

We need your help to make this camp a reality!  Our camp is one month away, and we still need to raise a minimum of $5,000 to provide these kids with a week that will provide hope.  Each child attends our camp for free, and every camp counselor and staff member volunteer a week to give back to these kids.

Will you consider giving back to these kids and donate $25?  It takes 2 minutes to click on the link below and donate:

Royal Family Kids Tampa Bay’s Donation Page

Thank you for donating.  It will change lives.  Just like Alex who served in Iraq and is now a police officer.  Just like Angela who graduated from cosmetology school.  Just like Samantha who graduates from college this month and will be a math teacher.  Just like Rebekah who graduated college with a Theater and Communications degree and has served as a camp counselor at Royal Family Kids Camp.


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